Aims of EuroRotaNet:

  1. Develop methods and algorithms for effective rotavirus typing (G and P) and characterisation (including VP6 and NSP4 genotypes).
  2. Describe in detail the molecular epidemiology of rotavirus infections in Europe, during consecutive rotavirus seasons, through genotyping of rotavirus-positive samples collected throughout each country.
  3. Monitor the effectiveness of current genotyping methods and respond to evolutionary changes associated with genetic drift and shift.
  4. Monitor the emergence and spread of novel rotavirus strains within Europe.
  5. Develop the infrastructure that may serve as a platform for future surveillance activities and nested studies for evaluating:
    • The effectiveness of a rotavirus vaccine in the general population, through monitoring the reduction in disease associated with common rotavirus types.
    • The possible vaccine-induced emergence of antibody escape mutants.
    • The possible emergence in the general population of genotypes other than those included in the vaccine.
    • The possible emergence in the general population of reassortants between vaccine and naturally circulating wildtype strains.